Open Positions

The BMPA needs to fill the following positions for school year 2021-22

Positions Needed for Next Year

  • Treasurer

  • Concessions Co-Chair (Record Keeper)

  • Concessions Co-Chair (Buyer)

  • Corresponding Secretary

  • President-Elect

Job Descriptions:

  • Concessions Co-Chair/Records Keeper: Develops and distributes usage charts to each stand at the beginning of each season. Updates usage charts in Google Docs after each sports season. Ensures Stand Manager binders are updated during each season. Recruits and trains Stand Managers. Ensures all concessions receipts are recorded and given to Treasurer in a timely manner. Works with Concessions Co-Chair to develop/adapt menus from previous years for special events.

  • Concessions Co-Chair/Buyer: Works with Concessions Co-Chair to determine food/supply needs for concessions events. Inventories food and supplies. Orders and picks up food from Sam’s Club. Stocks concession stands. Inventory takes about 30 minutes between football games. Ordering food/supplies takes about 15 minutes. Once pick up of order is complete it takes about 2 hrs. to stock the stands. This is only during football season when there are 4 stands to stock. During Winter and Spring seasons, we only stock 1 (winter) or 2 (spring) stands and the time involved greatly decreases. The stands do not need to be inventoried each week to ensure enough supplies on hand. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

  • Pepsi Coordinator: Inventories soda after each home football game and throughout the sports season and manages stock. Orders Pepsi products. Ensures concessions are stocked for scheduled events. Communicates need for volunteers to help stock drinks to Corresponding Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator. Inventory takes about 1 hr. between football games. Ordering the drinks takes about 15 min. Once the delivery arrives, if you have volunteers to assist with putting drinks in the concession stands it will take about 2 hours. We have 3-4 large orders in the fall concessions season. As we move into Winter and Spring seasons, inventory and stocking the stand(s) takes less than 1 hour/week.

  • Chick-Fil-A Coordinator: Works with Co-Chairs to determine Chick-fil-A needs for events. Orders Chick-Fil-A online, picks up or arranges for delivery.

  • Pizza Coordinator: Works with Co-Chairs to determine Pizza needs for the week, with help of records from previous years kept in Pizza Binder. Works with Jet’s Pizza manager on weekly basis to place order for events of the week. Updates pizza binder in order to keep record for future.

  • Propane Filler: Checks propane grill tanks and fills as necessary at Duncan Oil. Usually 2 times per year.

  • Please contact Leanne at for more information or to Accept one of the positions for 2021/22 school year.

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