Stand Manager

BMPA Concession Stand Manager Job Description

A stand manager is in charge of a concessions shift and the volunteers working that shift. Being a stand manager only takes about an additional 15 minutes, training is provided and an experienced stand manager will work with you during at least one shift.

A stand manager:

  • Unlocks the stand at the beginning of the shift and locks it at the end.

  • Follows the stand opening/closing procedures listed in the stand binder.

  • Knows how to operate all of the equipment. There are instructions posted at every workstation for reference.

  • Assigns workers to work stations and assists them as needed.

  • Makes sure counts are kept (number of hot dogs, etc. sold).

  • Signs for delivery of pizza and tips the driver. (BMPA pays both, of course.) Later decides if more pizza should be ordered, and if so, calls it in. Notes on usage chart in binder if pizza is left at the end of the shift.

  • Takes care of any issues customers have with their order.

  • Decides when to stop cooking food in order to have little or none left over at the end.

  • Late in the shift, decides when hot food is sold at half price, and has an announcement made about this.

  • Records counts for items sold in the notebook for that stand and writes comments when appropriate.

  • Makes sure items are restocked.

  • Makes sure all equipment is turned off and the stand is clean before leaving.

  • Reports any problems to the concession stand committee by emailing Concessions committee phone numbers are in the stand binder if there is a problem during a shift that needs immediate attention.